NetSuite ERP reviews, rating and features 2022

NetSuite ERP

There’s a lot of areas like that, that NetSuite has to mature and grow into. What needs to be improved is the development in the other areas and other businesses that can use NetSuite, but it’s rapidly coming about. Five years ago, certain companies, like Pharma specifically, would come and tell us they would like to use NetSuite.

This tool also supports a state-of-the-art demand planning engine and supply chain intelligence. It can replace the many, varied applications you’re using to manage your sales process. It is based on secure cloud infrastructure, ensuring that your data is easily accessible and well protected. In addition, Kechie ERP offers a cash management function that lets you monitor cash balances, manage the collection and usage of cash, as well as keep an accurate record of your cash flow. It also simplifies bank account reconciliations while minimizing errors and ensuring that your funds are in their right locations. It helps you prepare timely financial reports to comply with accounting standards.

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The general ledger is the cornerstone of your company’s financial records. It constitutes your company’s central books, and every transaction flows through it. Moreover, the general ledger documents all financial transactions since your company’s inception. For example, drill down from days sales outstanding measures to an aging report and then to the underlying invoice and customer information–all with only a few clicks. Run a budget for multi-location facilities, enabling you to track numbers accurately across offices, departments, and teams. With NetSuite, creating and managing budgets has never been easier.

NetSuite ERP

Startups begin using QuickBooks Desktop and graduate with its Enterprise version. QuickBooks is considered an ERP alternative when 3rd-party add-on software apps are used to bridge functionality gaps. I’m not saying it was as good and in every area, but in several areas, key areas, it worked much better. We were able to implement NetSuite and the apps and the integrations for under $500,000 for the entire new system. It was more modern technology, it was working better for them. Plus, they didn’t need a team of three, tier-one experts on staff to manage the system. There were some huge losses there for a large organization.

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It’s the leading integrated cloud business software suite for enterprise resource planning. It helps you manage inventory, track financials, host e-commerce stores and maintain customer relationship management systems. At its core is a CRM module, which provides plenty of features to help you better manage your relationships with your prospects and current customers.

NetSuite ERP

Buyers choosing to license NetSuite through VARs are able to access additional service assistance for consulting, implementation, training, and support. Wondering if NetSuite ERP is right for your organization? To better understand if it is a fit for you, explore data detailing the functional requirements, anticipated spending ranges, and company attributes of 50 businesses who recently considered purchasing NetSuite.

What is NetSuite ERP software?

QuickBooks Online accounting software is a true cloud product with third-party add-ons that competes with NetSuite in the small business and lower annual revenue mid-market company space. Startups use low-cost QuickBooks Online as their first accounting system. For fast-growing companies, it’s a question of when to upgrade from QuickBooks to NetSuite. We chose this solution as it’s SaaS-based, so there was no headache on the infrastructure, support, or maintenance side. That is been taken care of by the Oracle vendor itself. Secondly, it’s very robust and fully customizable.

  • NetSuite licensing is available directly through NetSuite corporate or via an extensive network of NetSuite VARs.
  • It is enriched with a variety of e-commerce, POS, and MRP functions to deliver a comprehensive solution that can help any business manage any type of operation.
  • Oracle NetSuite omnichannel commerce unifies the various buying channels including point of sale , ecommerce/online sales or traditional sales order processing, for both B2B & B2C business models.
  • NetSuite ERP has tools for tracking inventory in multiple locations, determining reorder points, managing replenishment, and optimizing safety stock.
  • Often, the moment you should implement NetSuite is when your company establishes a subsidiary outside your home country.
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It has more employee-focused features like human capital management and incentive compensation management. It reduces spreadsheet-based and manual processes by 70%. Its pricing scheme gives potential users an idea of how much they should spend. Another remarkable feature is its scheduling function.

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This is misleading because the types of companies that are interested in being efficient, moving forward, and being dynamic, are the types of companies that will select NetSuite in the first place. “Our change to NetSuite wasn’t necessarily complex, but we were on a very short, three-month timeframe for initial implementation. The Kraft Enterprise Systems team made the deadline in a seamless way.” NetSuite is cloud-based, mobile-enabled and has deep, feature-rich functionality that can adapt to the most complex business challenges. Support was horrible, and when we had to deal with customer service because of 50+% increase over what we originally paid, we were met with fierce resistance. I had to convince myself it would do everything I wanted to do, and it appears it will.

  • The name NetSuite refers to the fact that you have a network suite of products that you can use.
  • What I really like about NetSuite is being able to see everything on the dashboards.
  • We’re affiliated and we use each other’s services, but we’re not financially tied.
  • Across your business functions, there’s nothing lost in translation when you work with LIDD.
  • JCurve ERP is also an exclusive small business edition of NetSuite available to the Australian and New Zealand market for up to 20 users.
  • Furthermore, the software has API functionalities that allow it to integrate with a wide variety of third-party applications.

If you compare the four best ERPs, they’re all on the same level. They are all doing the same thing, in terms of features. NetSuite ERP has a cost per module you want to use, and then you have the license per user. NetSuite ERP is highly scalable for companies that have six, seven, eight, different subsidiaries across different countries. The most valuable aspect of NetSuite ERP is the multi-subsidiary portion, it is the strongest across all the other ERPs. If you want to do consolidations, it works a lot better than other tools. “The most valuable aspect of NetSuite ERP is the multi-subsidiary portion, it is the strongest across all the other ERPs. If you want to do consolidations, it works a lot better than other tools.”

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Well, the journal entry is very similar to every other traditional ERP journal entry because they’re accounting journals. But when it comes down to logging on and seeing the things that I need to take care of today, and when I improve something, it appears on somebody else’s desktop. Being able to report, not only on financial matters but on business issues as well, opens up the product to a whole new level of people. This created a dual purchasing system, where there was a purchase order number at the school. There was a purchase order number in the Sage system. They had to work around that and they had to reconcile that. As we were going through the NetSuite implementation, I said, “Why are you maintaining two purchasing systems?” They said, “Well, we can’t afford for every principal to become a user”.

  • You license the platform on which your data is stored, but the data always remains yours.
  • The security issues related to national security have stated that we can’t use cloud software unless it’s encrypted.
  • Other than it’s ability to do consolidated financials, I was happier on QuickBooks.
  • Companies can also pay their vendors and taxes via electronic funds transfer directly from NetSuite.
  • This is provided via one of Oracle NetSuite’s early acquisitions, OpenAir for Professional Services Automation.

A lot of it’s been driven by the market itself and the development is catching up. We were looking for one international solution that would allow our remote offices to transact business in local currency and to allow the corporate office to have “real time” access to the activity of said location. The consolidated reporting is of great interest to us. We are a small non-profit with complicated financials. We purchased NetSuite from a VAR and the implementation took months.

Purchased NetSuite OneWorld and still in the implementation process. Allow customers to track their own order and delivery status. Gain multi-currency and multi-subsidiary business intelligence.

Real-time analytics provide you with the context of a business decision. All data is maintained within your NetSuite platform, allowing you to have a clear view of your NetSuite ERP operations. Reporting tools are easy to use and allow users to identify issues, trends and opportunities. Another perspective is the growth of your e-commerce.

Making financial operations more efficient.

These processes include inventory and order management, accounting, human resources, customer relationship management , to name a few. Unless you’re an IT company, there’s a big chance that not everyone on your team is tech-savvy.

NetSuite ERP software is an enterprise resource planning system handling many business processes and business functions with modules deployed on a true cloud platform. NetSuite works well for business management, business intelligence, financial management, and financial reporting. NetSuite offers real-time visibility for decision-making, taking action, and managing KPIs. NetSuite offers analytics and reporting, which use the centralized data to provide real-time visibility into client company operational and financial performance. Pre-configured role-based dashboards and key performance indicators allow users to monitor business performance. A data warehouse solution, called NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, which is available at an additional cost, provides business intelligence capabilities. Headquartered in Singapore, PointStar Consulting has rapidly become the leading cloud ERP vendor with clients in Asia.

We’re a dynamic team filled with innovative and creative people who are always looking to grow, collaborate, and learn from each other. Define, implement and support supply chain / distribution plans from a single collaborative platform. This is specialized software, an ERP, for the financial and management functions of an enterprise. You have to be aware of the experience of the implementer before the initial setup even if it seems like it’s easy to implement. There are some skills and there are very, very many new resellers that they are naming themselves implementers.

Where is NetSuite data stored?

Oracle NetSuite currently operates geographically distinct data centers across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Each data center has a counterpart that provides data mirroring, disaster recovery and failover capabilities in its region in case any data center becomes non-operational.

Over the last year, we’ve done some furniture distributors, we’ve done nutraceutical manufacturing, we’ve done companies that import and build electric scooters and leisure products like bicycles, etc. Our customer-first mentality is largely due to the fact that we have first-hand experience as NetSuite end users and consultants. We have served as NetSuite administrators, and we’ve performed implementations, customizations, and project rescues. This unique perspective allows our team to view projects and issues from every angle so we can find the appropriate long-term solution.

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Yes, Oracle NetSuite offers many prebuilt integration scenarios with Salesforce solutions including CRM, marketing and more. SuitePeople enables managers and HR professionals to streamline employee information, new hires, employee onboarding, payroll, promotions and compensation changes, all from a single Suite.