DMP On StoryBeat Podcast

Kristopher, Lolita and Michael recently sat down with Steve Cuden at StoryBeat for a lively discussion about storytelling through music.

Los Angeles, Feb. 23, 2022

Lolita, Michael and Kristopher had an amazing chat with Steve Cuden at StoryBeat, joining a lineup of guests that have included actors Cary Elwes, Bryan Cranston and Melody Thomas Scott, composers David Shire and Bear McCreary, and writers Alan Burnett and Kevin Hopps among so many other legends of the screen, stage and concert hall (Link to the episode below).
About “StoryBeat”
StoryBeat is a lively podcast dedicated to a variety of storytellers discussing their unique process in creating art through storytelling. By listening to how successful creators develop and bring their work to life, writers and artists of all kinds are able to find great inspiration. StoryBeat focuses more on the “how” and “why” of creation rather than finished results, providing insight into the working world of storytellers and storytelling in all forms of artistic expression.
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