“Teen Titans” Series Soundtrack—vol. 1!

"Teen Titans" soundtrack from the fan-favorite WB animated series available for the first time!

Los Angeles, Jul. 21, 2022,

Emmy-winning composers Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis & Kristopher Carter released the first volume of music from the fan-favorite Warner Bros. animated series “Teen Titans” today through their label, Dynamic Soundtrack Records. The music is available to purchase on iTunes and Amazon Music and streaming on all major digital platforms.

“This soundtrack has been one of our most-requested releases from fans over the years, and we are absolutely thrilled that the music is finally available to enjoy!” says Carter.

The series, created by visionary animator Glen Murakami, became one of Cartoon Network’s most acclaimed series, renowned for its character development, humor and serious themes. The score features an exciting blend of rock guitars along with an assortment of styles and instruments that defy any single genre.

The first volume contains music from the thirteen episodes of Season 1 of the series and additional volumes are planned. Sign up for the DMP mailing list at the form below to be notified of future releases…AND, as a special bonus for subscribing, you’ll receive a PDF guide with episode-specific track info!

To purchase or stream the album go to: https://album.link/9bm6xh3vdbzv9