New Project Released—Babylon 5: The Road Home

Beloved Sci-Fi Series Continues In Animated Movie

Los Angeles, Aug. 18, 2023,

Babylon 5: The Road Home is a new animated movie penned by J. Michael Straczynski, the creator of the original Babylon 5 television series. The film reunites the surviving members of the original cast. Set in the final season of the TV series, the story follows John Sheridan (Bruce Boxlitner) as he oversees the inauguration of a new alien power source. Said engine uses tachyon particles — that is, particles that exist outside of space-time — which sends Sheridan leaping through a series of parallel universes, where he encounters other major B5 characters and visits alternate versions of some of the show’s biggest storylines.

Much as the movie serves as a bridge from the original series to new worlds and adventures for the beloved characters, Michael, Lolita and Kristopher created a score for the movie that evokes the feeling of the music from the original while also expanding into new musical horizons. They produced the score in Los Angeles featuring some of the top LA studio recording talent.

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