“Rain of the Ghosts” Radio Play Released

Lolita, Michael and Kristopher are pleased to share the news that the “Rain of the Ghosts” radio play has been released! The audiobook, produced by Greg Weisman and Curtis Koller after Weisman’s original novel, features a full cast of voice actors, sound effects, and an original music score to accompany the reading of the book. A total of three hours of music was composed for the project!

The story is set in the modern day on the Prospero Keys, a fictional group of islands on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle, known to its inhabitants as the “Ghost Keys.” A young girl, Rain Cacique, and her best friend Charlie Dauphin are enjoying the last days of summer break when strange things begin happening. Rain experiences visions of a dark man, encounters a mysterious stranger, and finds a bracelet seemingly with magical powers. She discovers she has to solve a mystery dating back to World War II, the first of several adventures she’ll have to embark on to complete a larger quest.

The audio play features the voice talents of many well-known actors, including Ed Asner, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Jim Cummings, Vanessa Marshall, Josh Keaton, Jeff Bennett and others.

The audiobook can be purchased here.

A making-of video can be seen on YouTube here:

More info about “Rain of the Ghosts” can be found at the Wikia page, and the physical book is available at Amazon here.

Read the entire press release on WaterTower Music here.