DMP at Playfest 2012—pt. 3: Sights, Sounds & Fans of Spain

Lolita, Michael & Kristopher took a break from PlayFest to experience the sights and sounds of Spain. From touring the Alhambra Palace in Granada to a local tour of Úbeda landmarks and visits to Madrid and Seville, there was ample opportunity for inspiration. Seeing the concert venue for the first time with David Doncel Barthe, Sergio Rivas Ortiz and Oscar Rivas Ortiz was especially exciting – it is an absolutely beautiful location. The following morning it was back to PlayFest as DMP held a special panel for fans of their many animated television shows. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with fans of all ages from many different countries; the many series that DMP have written the music for have been broadcast in several different spoken languages, but the one common language between everyone present was the universal language of music.

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Created by Dana Ross