The Other Side

Music by
Kristopher Carter

On the night Samuel North is to reunite with the girl he loves: Hanna Thompson, he is mysteriously murdered and sent to Hell. Inside “the Pit”, two other damned souls on the run help Samuel escape back to the world of the living. Now there’s Hell to pay: the Netherworld has sent three invincible bounty hunters called REAPERS to hunt down and retrieve each of the escaped men. Setting out to uncover the mystery of his death and Hanna’s disappearance, Samuel finds unlikely allies in his gun-toting fellow escapees Mally and Oz — who hope that by helping Samuel find Hanna, they can redeem themselves and be free of the Pit forever.

Directed by
Gregg Bishop

Written by
Gregg Bishop

Produced by
Gregg Bishop (producer)
Craig Dabrowski (associate producer)
Chad Eikhoff (producer)
Courtney Rabada (associate producer)

Original Music by
Kristopher Carter

Music Department
Mikael Carlsson (executive soundtrack producer)
Peymon Maskan (music supervisor)

Score Mixed by
Mako Sujisho

Orchestra Recorded by
Mako Sujisho
Greg Herzenach

Winner—Shriekfest, 2006
Best Film (Horror Feature)

Official Selection—Slamdance, Atlanta Film Festivals