The Parasite

Music by
Kristopher Carter

A scientist discovers that he’s become a vessel for the evil ambitions of someone else in this offbeat horror story. Richard Austin (David Gaffney) is a scientist doing research on the paranormal. Helena Vohich (Julia Matias) is a woman who claims to have unusual powers of hypnotic suggestion and volunteers to a be a test subject for Richard. But he soon finds that he’s gotten more than he imagined when he discovers that Helena is capable of taking control of his mind, and soon she’s using telepathy to make Richard her slave and forces him to do her bidding.

Directed by
Andrew Froemke

Written by
Patrick Roddy

Produced by
Robert Crawford Jr. (associate producer)
Patrick Roddy (producer)
Carlos Terrazas (associate producer)
Robert Wilder (producer)

Cinematography by
George Feucht

Music by
Kristopher Carter